Glass, a material that has always been used in architecture and furniture, offers infinite possibilities to customize domestic spaces.

The glass can be used as a wall, whether fixed or mobile: these are original solutions that require the intervention of a professional but don’t involve long work and are ideal for bringing more light into every room of the house, as well as to enlarge the spaces.

We have thought of giving you some suggestions to be able to literally transform the rooms of your home by exploiting the characteristic that best identifies the material: transparency.

  • the queen of the house: the kitchen;
  • the living;
  • the bathroom;
  • the elegance of the walk-in wardrobe;
  • the place of passage: the corridor.
Before-after animation with partition walls by HenryGlass
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The glass brings light, creates new spaces creating new expectations and being able to increase the size of the room.

This living room is the perfect example, where the partition wall with extralight clear glass with Shodo_01 decoration, divides the space harmoniously.
The black finish of the Manhattan profiles creates a decisive trait with a strong character, giving personality to the surrounding environment.


For this living area, the choice to use the wallpaper Tweed 02 decoration designed for HenryGlass by the Architect Nicola Gallizia, generates a beautiful surprise effect.

We are used to cover the entire walls of a room but, it is not always the appropriate choice. Looking at this example, the clean and neutral environment is enhanced by a vigorous design that seems three-dimensional, with bright but calibrated colours. The pleasant contrast liven up the space, giving the illusion that the design has entered the house with accent colours.

Before-after animation of a pivot door with Wallpaper decoration by HenryGlass
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Before-after animation kitchen by HenryGlass
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Before-after animation kitchen-living room by HenryGlass
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More and more desired at home, the open space allows you to combine the living room, kitchen and dining room, creating continuity between the rooms. This solution is a necessary choice for small-sized apartments, but it is now also adopted in larger homes where it is preferred to create a unique environment with an open and fluid layout, capable of encouraging conviviality.

To keep the kitchen linked to the living room, clearly separating the two functions, the best solution is to divide the spaces with glass partitions; very easy to install, they are extremely effective. The glass partitions, in fact, give the environment an unparalleled refinement whether they are simply transparent or decorated.

The glass, elegant and light, is the ideal solution for soundproofing and odors’ diffusion without having to give up the aesthetic feature and the passage of brightness between one room and another.

Being the division permeable to the eye, the space will be larger, welcoming and trendy, always if the rooms are kept impeccable. On the other hand, in case you are not a maniac of order, you can opt for an opaque glass capable of dividing the rooms visually without affecting the brightness.


Glass offers infinite possibilities to customize domestic spaces.

It can be used as a single door or a wall, fixed and sliding. These are original solutions able to furnish and bring more light to any room in the house.

The glass doors can have a metal profile to frame them, typical of a more industrial style, or have the polished edge for a simpler and minimalist look.

They can be transparent, opaque, colored or decorated: the possibilities are very different and allow you to give a touch of uniqueness to the environment.

Before-after animation living by HenryGlass
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Before-after animation fixed door with ISY frame by HenryGlass
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Before-after animation marble door by HenryGlass
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Before-after animation bathroom by HenryGlass
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Before-after animation bathroom area by HenryGlass
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The bathroom in the bedroom is an increasingly requested luxury. Indispensable for hotel facilities, today it is an important plus to offer in the residential design of the sleeping area.

Small rooms that need light or simply the request of a client for a refined and trendy environment. All these needs require new interpretations of space through the insertion of glass doors and walls.

Glass represents an invisible border between two environments; not only brings light and airiness to both spaces, it also contributes to the perception of a more spacious, more comfortable and modern room. You can range from the idea of an entire transparent wall or focus on the textures of marble, fabric or concrete. Glass panels with polished edge or glass partitions with a trendy Industrial style. Many solutions for any type of need!


Thanks to the functionality of the HenryGlass doors it will be possible to create your own custom-made wardrobe room replacing the bulky and old wardrobe.

In order to make this dream come true, a space suitable for the walk-in wardrobe is essential, the exact relief of the measurements, a designer who knows how to best advise the various arrangements, paying great attention also to the methods of closing the cabin: sliding doors, hinged doors, glass or wooden walls able to transform the space into a studied and functional environment.

Before-after animation bedroom by HenryGlass
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Before-after animation corridor area by HenryGlass
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In a furnishing project, lighting is a fundamental aspect. Light can make rooms more attractive and comfortable, or make them feel more spacious and airy.

Thanks to the LED light integrated in HenryGlass door jambs, you can create truly suggestive effects in every space of the house. An interesting idea, which expresses HenryGlass’s desire to offer doors that go far beyond the mere concept of door.

Functional products but above all real, refined and elegant objects of furniture.


The entrance to a home is not a simple passage area but a precious resource, to be exploited and enhanced.

For example, if you think of inserting the famous wardrobe that everyone wants using a portion of the entrance space is not only an extremely functional solution but also useful for characterizing the environment.

Special finishes and accessories take of the rest: choosing a mirrored door to close the wardrobe allows you to recover space and add value to the home. In fact, the mirror finish has the ability to enlarge the rooms giving a fashion and original touch to the whole context, as well as being an indispensable element in an entrance.

Before-after animation door with mirror by HenryGlass
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