Henry glass is an italian company specialized in the production of design doors and tailor made closing systems.

Since its constitution in 1988, Henry glass decided to work according continuous research and experimentation, creating products where ancient handcrafted techniques and the industrial manufacturing processes meet. The result of this choice is a contemporary language that characterizes the Henry glass style, making this company an outstanding voice in the sector of glass doors production.

Henry glass addresses to a very demanding customer target, clients who are looking for quality and functionality in an exclusive and unique product. The several patented solutions and products are the result of a constant research and an evident technical and aesthetic innovation.

industrial and avantgarde
manufacturing processes
meet a contemporary language
for a unique innovative product

high-quality solutions
with a distinctive style:
follow our production

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The active cooperation with designers and internationally renowned artists contribute to make Henry glass doors not only simple space solutions, but real works of art which enhances and make every room unique.

A dynamic company which develops and proposes functional and design furnishing solutions: expertise, consistency, avant-garde techniques and manufactures are the added values of our products, which guarantee their high quality and the unique style.

Henry glass: a story to tell.

The glass matter transforms itself through arts
and innovative processes

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The Product

A Henry glass door is a glass tale, which develops in the clearness of the material, in its colour, in the decoration. no detail is left to chance.

The Henry glass doors are solutions which become trends, playing with the pure clearness, with the light filtering thorugh the decorations creating tonal balances, or enhancing the full colur and its shades.

Henry glass projects suit perfectly to refine spaces, linear and at the same time dynamic rooms, matching with the surrounding space and expressing the taste of the people who live them every day.

Quality is a matter of details: discover our productive process

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