HenryGlass identifies with spaces and products that are significant, thus able to offer something that goes beyond the simple object.

Strong appeal to nature in all its facets. Light, vibrant textures and colors which give an elegant and comfortable aesthetic to the house.

Like fashion, the interior design is also influenced by contemporary trends, satisfying the tastes and needs of customers.

HenryGlass has always proposed collections of decorations that look at trends but go beyond, interpreting them to give a new spirit to environments and get something unique and exclusive.

Once again HenryGlass interprets materials to express them in a new language.

Ceppo di Gré, a typical Lombard ornamental stone with a centuries-old tradition, today highly appreciated in contemporary architecture, is expressed on glass with unprecedented emotion.

The effect of the fluted glassCanneté, a relief finish able to break the continuity in the interior decoration to give the surfaces an extremely sophisticated and strong character.


HenryGlass Canneté

Canneté with its essential and measured design, conveys the perfect synergy between glass and light.

HenryGlass offers its own version of fluted glass, reworked and made distinctive to obtain an exclusive product. The smooth surface, in fact, seems to be worked in the thickness of the glass with a fascinating, almost hypnotic, magical effect.

Working on the relationship between the engraved part and the frosted part, three Canneté models have been created: 5 mm range; 8 mm range and the random effect, with the choice of extra-light transparent, bronze and graphite glasses.

Ceppo di Gré

HenryGlass Ceppo di Gré

Ceppo di Gré is a sedimentary stone typical of the area of Lake Iseo. Considered among the stones that have contributed to the greatness of Milan, the color is typical of the Dolomites rock: a neutral and bright grey color interspersed with pebbles and sediments in contrasting shades, lighter and darker, that give rise to an original and very varied graphics.

HenryGlass faithfully returns the elegance of this stone transforming it, through glass and light, into something different, unique in its kind, ideal to embellish all types of HenryGlass doors, even fixed glass panels.