Details make the difference: Henry glass always offers its customers the opportunity to personalize each piece of furniture. Glass doors that can characterize the areas and create an emotional involvement with those who live in it.

Creativity and experiments allow interpreting tastes and trends to propose unprecedented forms of expression, studying the possibilities of colour to make the door an inimitable furniture element.

This approach is at the basis of Henry Glass decorations, as well as the passion for art and the vocation to make people happy by making their space beautiful to live in.

The most demanding customers can request that the Henry glass door is fitted for accessories, other than those offered by the company, provided that they are compatible with glass 10 mm in thickness: maximum space for customization of a completely tailor-made product.


Discover our decorative techniques


Novelty introduced in 2016, the Impressioni collection meets the latest trends in design and the tastes of the public, thanks to the wide possibilities for customization. Among the most popular glass door decorations, all the textures as well as Naive, Seasons, Deco, Dreams and Spirit. Also requested are Sonnet and Map, while Academy, from more exclusive cut, is chosen for more sophisticated solutions.


A traditional, rather widespread technique, always greatly appreciated and combining the craft proposals of master glassmakers with the glass decorated doors of our catalogue.

The rather simple manufacturing process allows a wide range of customization to create successful models still very much copied by our competitors.

The same models of decorative glass can be made using different techniques: in Sabbiati beyond the most sophisticated mirroring on lacquered glass, or in a coloured version on laminated glass, requiring a complex process difficult to emulate, which results in a unique product.

Original offers, current and greatly appreciated, in stripes of Domino type, Graphic, Random, to Dunes and decorative like Symphony, Woods, Air and Genesis.


The famous Murrinas of Munari and the fusions in glass designed by Henry glass, in the collection for more than twenty years, are among the most successful parts of the company. The glass door with decoration using blends in stained glass, an original idea of Henry glass, later became among the most copied among the company’s competitors.

Well appreciated abroad, Fusioni is a great Henry glass classic, whose uniqueness in decoration doesn’t allow, for technical reasons, to be changed.

Inserti Incastonati

Real works of art embedded in each glass door, with refined and exclusive decorations signed by Henry glass. The Arazzi di Bonfanti collection, after the great success with customers at launch, is still appreciated and it is chosen for eclectic and unusual solutions.

The tiles cannot be modified as they are artist’s pieces, with a rather significant cost..