Thirty years of history between art, passion and design

HenryGlass is an all Italian glass door production company based in Mansuè, in the province of Treviso, a city of art and a land that today – as always – is under the charm of Palladian architecture that echoes Venetian magnificence, the undisputed leader of glass production.

An idea arose in 1988 from Enrico Bazzichetto and Enrico Anzanello (from which the brand name originates), with the intention of reviving the magic of Murano glass in the world of design and contemporary architecture: a vision that, over time, HenryGlass has turned into a reality, perfecting the ancient art of the Venetian masters, and putting it to the service of the most innovative industrial techniques. This research brought with it an authentic and recognisable style, with distinctive and unique collections: not merely glass doors, but the thrill of a door made from glass!

In fact, since its inception, the company has produced glass doors of great value which, in the areas where are they are placed, become a primary architectural element that blend perfectly with the surrounding environment.
Experience and technology: with an engineering department that is continuously working to study production systems and increasingly innovative and avant-garde installations, HenryGlass has several functional and decoration patents to its credit. Exclusive and discreet doorframes allow for the doors to be placed in any pre-existing aperture and enhance the contrast between the glass and materials of the surrounding environment.
The company, immersed in greenery, is surrounded by an uncontaminated landscape: from the large windows of the production plant in fact you can see the plain called Prà de Gai, an uncontaminated area to which the company has adapted itself, becoming a model of environmental compatibility where attention to the work quality is a primary production factor for obtaining a product of excellence: the covering of the large shed is indeed made of glass, tilted and oriented so as to take advantage of the sunlight whenever possible.

The production is carried out entirely within the company and customised according to the client’s specific requirements. The multiple offers provided by a product range catalogue characterised by contemporary proposals can satisfy any household or public area needs, from schools to hotels, from offices to hospitals.

When art meets the artisan experience it creates a unique collection of designer doors, where the signatures of the great Italian masters come together in a stylish and refined catalogue which joins with a more traditional collection.

The perfect combination of art and design, aesthetics and quality, form and function allows the ancient and exclusive Made in Italy craftsmanship to interact with the most current and advanced industrial technologies to achieve innovative and original creations.

Today the main objective is to consolidate the Italian market and go abroad by strengthening the achievements already in hand, conquering new markets related particularly to contracting and high end products. It is with these goals that HenryGlass prepares itself to confront the challenges of the coming years: the rudder is in the hands of Andrea Bazzichetto, son of Enrico, one of the two founding partners, today Chairman and CEO of the group.

Our history in brief


1988 Founding of Company

1990 Beginning of collaboration with internationally renowned artists (Vetroveneto Collection)

1997 First patent for all-glass sliding door

1997 Beginning of patented developments, to date there are 30 patents for glass doors

1998 First participation at SaieDue in Bologna, at the time an important landmark on the national scene of the door market

2001 Presentation of the tuttovetro double opening Swing doors

2005 Transfer to the new production plant in Mansuè

2007 Presentation to the market of the innovative ISY doorframes

2008 Presentation of the line of lacquered doors

2010 Inside System, finally sliding glass doors encased entirely in the false ceiling

2010 Presentation of Absolute external wall sliding door, the on-sight sliding system entirely designed by HenryGlass

2012 HenryGlass proposes its wooden door with many advantages including glass inserts and accessories

2012 HenryGlass enters the world of furniture accessories with the Vesta walk-in wardrobe

2014 HenryGlass expands its product range with its collection of stratified glass

2016 Decoration collection “Impressioni”

2017 HenryGlass proposes its Manhattan framed door

2019 HenryGlass introduces the decorative project “Oltre la materia”

2020 New Catalogue and Coordinate Image by Nicola Gallizia

2022 New Catalogue News – First partecipation at Salone del Mobile

2023 New Catalogue News – Inauguration of the new company showroom

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History, passion, talent and professionalism: values that for us represent the real Made in Italy

Passion, love for the land and a strong attachment to values have allowed the owners of HenryGlass to create a collection of products in which “experience and craftsmanship” allow for creating a unique style with attention to detail and creativity.

The HenryGlass added value consists of flexible systems, numerous finishes in which glass is the protagonist and a “Made in Italy” production that allows real customised solutions for seamless integration in each area.

History, passion, talent and professionalism are the cornerstones of our company, values that make our products symbols of the Made in Italy label, which for us is a real mission: to create exclusive and quality products, made entirely in Italy, an inimitable and unique experience in the world.