All Henry glass doors are made for customs and are able to fit and solve every architectural requirements, thanks to exclusive technical details and innovative constructions.

The collections, such as the Tempered glass doors, are characterized with decorations even personalized , and offer a range of clear, frosted, coloured and lacquered glasses, accessories and finishes, to provide solutions to every environment, from the domestic to the public spaces, for the workplaces or for supplies.

Henry glass turns itself to a very demanding customer, who seeks for the uniqueness and exclusivity combined with the quality and functionalityof the purchased product.The diligence and the consistency with which the company has operated since the business beginning, made possible the meeting with designers, artists and architects who have left their important mark in the field of Italian industrial design, culture and art for a perfect Tempered glass doors.

The active collaboration with these designers and artists contribute today to make Tempered glass doors not only simple partitions between rooms, but real art works that makes great every singlespaces, both public and private. You can find Henry glass doors in an office or private residence, dental studio or wellness spa, restaurant, banks or hotel.


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