Lacquered glossy, lacquered frosted or pearly lacquered colours: different effects for unique solutions

Maximum freedom of expression: a unique colour for each space. Henry Glass lacquered glass doors are characterised by double-sided lacquered glass, so it is possible for both sides to have matching colours in glossy, frosted or pearly lacquer. A rather original and interesting proposal that allows effective matching of the two surfaces with the colours, materials and décor of the corresponding area, even with two completely different effects.
Henry glass doors are always custom-made in safety tempered safety glass even if they are made of laminated glass.

The process of layering the glass is done by assembling two panes (5 mm) of tempered glass with transparent, frosted or coloured plastic film that provides excellent performance in UV protection and better noise control.

Laminated tempered glass is the solution that offers the best guarantee in terms of the safety of the doors or all-glass walls: in case of breakage, the plate crumbles into small fragments that then remain glued to the plastic film between the two glass panes.

The cleaning operation is easy to perform even for the frosted glass, since the satin finish is placed between the two glass panes.