Showroom Bartolomeo Arreda 2.0

08/11/2021 |

Bartolomeo Arreda 2.0 (AG) –

Bartolomeo Arreda 2.0 is recognized as a leading company in the furniture sector in Sicily precisely for its professionalism, quality, design and competence.

The large showroom located in the province of Agrigento offers customers and architects only the best of design, through carefully selected brands.
Within this scenario, HenryGlass presents itself with large, hinged Manhattan door in graphite mirror glass with a sure aesthetic impact.
Characterized by the black finish and the GRID customization, they attract the attention thanks to the expressive strength of the contrast of materials and the care to detail.
The ISY jamb frames the doors as if they were modern paintings of extreme value, embellishing and enhancing the surrounding space.