New Light and S-Light frames

12/11/2020 |

2020 opened with a new collection of minimal aluminum frames characterized by a strong rationalization of the components, translating into functionality and technical simplification.
Nowadays, the design of the environments also passes through doors and walls; with this proposal, they are exclusively expressed.

Two models are proposed: the Light version with traditional jambs, and the S-Light version, reduced to a minimum in terms of aesthetic dimensions as without trims, both always made to measure, adjustable and easy to install.

Several distinctive features, in particular the opportunity of integrating the external perimeter with LED lighting. In this way, the doors are transformed into real lighting systems, becoming an integral part of the interior design.



Lighting is a fundamental aspect. Light can make rooms more attractive and comfortable.
Thanks to the LED light integrated in HenryGlass door jambs, you can create truly suggestive effects in every space of the house.

Before-after animation corridor area by HenryGlass
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