Manhattan framed sliding door

The Manhattan framed sliding doors by Henry glass stand our for the minimalist aesthetics of their profiles, the versatility of the glass system, and the various aesthetic interpretations which result from a wide range of decorations.

Manhattan sliding doors are always custom made, with a very thin perimetric aluminium profile that maximizes the aesthetic and exclusive qualities of Henry glass products. The glass – even if framed – is characterised by a 10 mm thickness to be structural, stable, sturdy and exceptionally reliable over time.

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  • Custom-made
  • Framed glass with a 10 mm thickness
  • Several glasses finishes and handles
  • One, two or three tracks sliding systems
  • Easy cleaning of the glass surface
  • Easy installation and maintenance

The perimetric profiles of the door and the two models of handles, Square and Avenue, are available in different finishes and the doors glasses can be selected from all the types of the Henry glass catalogues: temepred monolithic or tempered-stratified transparent, frosted, coloured, lacquered, mirrored. The Manhattan framed door can be combined with several decorations, standard or cusom-made, to create the best solution for any context, from domestic to public areas, offices or contract projects.

The one, two or three tracks sliding system includes buffers and can be concealed in a false ceiling or used with a traditional pelmet (wall or ceiling mounted). There is no door frame.

The doors with polished edges, easy adjustment and installation, slide very close each other and can be customized with a wide range of standard and custom-made glasses and decorations.

Ease of glass cleaning.

Avenue & Square

Discover the handles for Manhattan framed door

AVENUE the Manhattan pull handle
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Other videos

Other sliding systems for external wall sliding doors

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    Frequently asked questions about this product

    How do I clean my HenryGlass door for the first time?

    Just after the installation, the glass surface may appear very dirty because of the manufacturing deposits. For the first cleaning operation, we recommend to mop the surface with a soft rag, and then to wipe it with a wet sponge and a solution of hot water and ammonia. For the best result, we suggest to begin with movements from the center of the surface in a horizontal and then vertical motion, working outward.

    After this first step, it is possible to continue with a specific detergent or a homemade solution of water and vinegar or alcohol using a soft cloth, preferably a microfiber one.

    How to do the daily cleaning of a glass door?

    The clear or ceramized glass, for its characteristics, does not absorb dirt and therefore a solution of water and ammonia is usually sufficient for the cleaning. Common non-abrasive household cleaners may be used, taking care to clean the glass with a soft cloth or sponge over the surface to avoid generating heterogeneity. Do not use anti-limestone cleaners or abrasive products and substances.

    Are HenryGlass doors safe objects to have in the house?

    Since 1998, HenryGlass has designed and manufactured its products fulfilling the quality management system according to UNI-EN ISO 9001:2008 standards, which provide constant monitoring of production processes in all their phases. All glass products HenryGlass are safe, that is thermally tempered according to the UNI EN 12150-2 standard. Tempered glass has much higher impact resistance (7 times) than regular glass with the same thickness, and also, for safety reasons, is compliant with the UNI EN 12600 standard, since, if broken, it shatters into tiny harmless pieces. To guarantee the maximum safety, it is possible to request a tempered glass, also stratified-tempered.

    Where can I install a HenryGlass door?

    HenryGlass glass doors are doors intended exclusively for interior decoration; HenryGlass patents allow installation on jambs and systems commonly used and marketed. The functionality of the systems, combined with the cleanliness of the glass and the essential decorations, is ideal not only in architectural living contexts but also in public, commercial and work environments.

    Can I personalize my glass door according to my needs?

    HenryGlass works to meet any specific request of its customers, who play a fundamental role in every project: in fact, every HenryGlass door is the result of several combinations of glasses, finishes, accessories and sliding systems. Every door is custom designed and made according to the measurements provided by the customer, and can be decorated with decorations and images at the choice of the client.

    The HenryGlass modus operandi permits to enhance the diversity and the uniqueness of every space, transforming a functional product in an exclusive solution of character.