ISY frame

19/10/2020 |

The contemporary search for new expressive horizons and the needs of facilitating assembly are perfectly interpreted in ISY, a frame addressed at those looking for new situations for living.

The ISY frame for hinged and pocket sliding doors is designed to compensate the wall irregularities without the use of architraves, a synthesis of perfect aesthetic balance between door and architectural space.
Thanks to this system, the glass door and the existing architectural elements maintain their identity while enhancing each other.


Features of the ISY frame

– Innovative aesthetic appearance:

this frame has removed the architraves and the profiles are reduced to a minimum, thus allowing full freedom of expression in the materials and colors of the surrounding walls. The adjustable profile guarantees the total adherence to even irregular surfaces, such as exposed stone walls or rough wood. In this way, ISY preserves the materials and the decorative appearances of the walls so that the doors interact with contemporary architecture.

– Solution of recurring problems:

simple to assemble and with a system of screws that allow easy adjustment of both size and position. Crooked walls, different coatings on the two sides of the room, pre-existing materials to be kept in view such as bricks or stone, no longer constitute an obstacle. The architect can give space to his creativity by covering the walls with paints, wallpapers, boiserie or special coatings, having the opportunity with ISY, to maintain a visual continuity on the wall.

– For pocket sliding doors:

HenryGlass supplies you with a quick and easy to assemble exclusive metal box, able to solve any problem of wall thickness, wall cladding, or opening dimensions.

ISY frame to close a corridor
ISY frame for corridor
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ISY frame in the case of special walls
ISY frame in the case of special walls
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