HenryGlass, in constant transformation since 1988

17/10/2023 |

HenryGlass, a company adventure that has been in constant transformation since 1988. A company specialized in the design and construction of architectural glass opening systems, careful to capture the changing aesthetic, technical and production needs that the market requires.

In the last 5 years HenryGlass has given its brand a new look thanks to the guidance of Art Director Nicola Gallizia and, at the same time, has reorganized and implemented the production capacity with cutting-edge systems.

Giving life to a door is a process in which the creative and the artisanal part merge with the best technologies, the high-quality standards putting human capital at the center. Among the objectives of the company there is also the minimization of waste scrap materials as well as water and energy resources with very interesting results.

There are stories that excite every time you listen, the one told by HenryGlass also gives us the charm to face the future with a wealth of tools, projects and vision, to enjoy the next chapter.

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