Wallpaper: a key trend

21/05/2021 |

Showroom (TV)

Custom Manhattan doors

Wallpaper is a key trend in the world of interior design. Architects consider it as an extremely up-to-date and versatile furnishing element, perfect to increase the value of a room.

It comes spontaneously to combine wallpaper with HenryGlass’ doors, in order to create an interesting effect of continuity of the decoration from the wall to the glass, playing with the opacity of the paper and the transparency of the doors.

In this setting, the design of the wallpaper has been reproduced on the transparent glass of the custom-made Manhattan sliding doors. The black finish of the profiles and of the accessories perfectly matches with the wallpaper motif. The transparency of the glass lightens the print, creating a fascinating see-through effect.

The use of wallpapers is back in the spotlight because it has the power to renew the look of the whole interior, giving an original or precious touch to the walls, creating unexpected perspectives and enlarging spaces. The combination with glass makes everything even more magical and functional.