Tecnoporte at Tuttovetro – Interni April 2017

10/05/2017 |

Here we have the interview published n Interiors in April, which Mariangela Tessa created with Andrea Bazzichetto, President and CEO of Henry glass.

An effective summary of guidelines that the company is preparing for the future, with architecture and design at the heart of the Henry glass project, the complete text:

Growing in the foreign market, but also expanding relations with the contract world and consolidating partnerships with big names in art and design. It is with these goals that Henry glass, a Treviso-based company that has been producing “all-glass doors” for thirty years, is preparing to meet the challenges of the coming years.

The rudder is in the hands of Andrea Bazzichetto, 47 years old, son of Enrico, one of the two founders of the group, which laid the Foundation for the development of the company in the medium term. A development that gives a nod to growth in the domestic market thanks to a closer relationship with the world of architecture and high end interior design, but also the confirmation of the business across national boundaries.
“We aim to strengthen our presence in the US market, and also in Italy, where we have a network of 400 distribution outlets,” said Bazzichetto, President and CEO of the group since 2014.
The company that produces approximately 8,000 glass doors a year completely tailor-made, thus is looking forward without forgetting its roots. “Technological innovation and creativity in solutions are the two leitmotifs that have driven Henry glass from its beginning,” said Bazzichetto who, demonstrating the innovative soul of the group, confirmed, in 2016, research and development investments equalling 18% of the turnover. All this without forgetting the artistic component of its products, strengthened by prestigious collaborations with Italian design masters such as Bruno Munari, Afra and Tobia Scarpa and Ugo Nespolo.