Longho showroom gets new look

22/02/2021 |

Arch. Michele Longo
Arch. Davide Cammarata – (discover the portfolio)
Arch. Nicola Gallizia
Longho, Palermo – longo.it


Inside the elegant Longho showroom in Palermo, dedicated to furniture, precious combinations of materials and colors coexist that help to outline a clear and precise taste line, without compromise.
In this showroom, the door, the walls and the paneling acquire the same prestige and value as the furnishings, as they are designed in full harmony with the rest of the setting in an integrated and coherent project vision.
HenryGlass’ vision is that of completely tailor-made and customizable products for a very demanding and refined clientele. The focal point of the project is the combination of doors and boiserie to create continuity, enhancing some particular perspectives.
As for the wood paneling, the architect chose the Rovere Grigio finish; when looking at the pictures, it is easy to understand that wood is wasted when used only as a floor.
On the other hand, for the large glass partitions, they chose clear glass with Lino decoration, delicate and not at all invasive.