Showroom IDOOR ViemmePorte

02/07/2021 |

Showroom IDOOR/Viemmeporte – Castelli Calepio (BG) –

IDOOR Showroom designer: Architetto IVO PELLEGRI

Our historic retailer ViemmePorte in Bergamo has recently inaugurated a new mood area entirely dedicated to architects with an extremely sought-after selection of brands, high-level and design elements much appreciated by professionals.

In this conception of avant-garde products, HenryGlass custom doors and partition systems certainly represent the flagship of the showroom.

The exhibition space has been designed to set up 300 doors to give even the most demanding customers the opportunity to find the ideal solution for their needs.

With a view to improving the visitor experience and helping him to contextualize the doors, they have “set” them very accurately and elegantly. This is a solution particularly appreciated by both architects and customers as it allows you to check the performance of the door and its impact on the surrounding context.