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06/09/2018 |

Celebrations for the 30th anniversary of Henry glass continue!
Throughout the month we are revealing retailers and designers who better enhanced our products and won the competition.

The jury was formed by Andrea Bazzichetto (AD Henry glass) – Enrico Anzanello ( Vice-president Henry glass) – Nicola Gallizia (Architect and Art Director Henry glass) – Mario Mazzer (Mario Mazzer Architects) – Ugo Nespolo (Contemporary artist).



Project: Private home – Dormelletto (NO)

Photos by Mario Curti

The all-glass Vitra sliding door is discretely and harmoniously placed between kitchen and living room, creating a minimal and refined design of architecture and interior design.

The environments, even when physically separated, constantly communicate thanks to the purity and brilliance of the extralight glass.

Our retailer Cantonetti shows us that even simple clear glass panels can express the attractiveness and brightness of the spaces, creating an elegant and refined atmosphere in the home environment.


Passage Portes et Poignees – Paris

Architect: Julie Poret – Coup de Crayon
Project: Private home – Paris

In these photos taken by our dealer in Paris PASSAGE PORTES ET POIGNEES, we enjoy the chic atmosphere of a Parisian master bedroom.

The architect Julie Poret, of Coup de Crayon studio, designed a bedroom – bathroom integrated area by installing a sliding door in extralight clear glass that allows the spaces to remain tightly connected.

This project shows that, thanks to glass doors, it is possible to create a “room in a room” without sacrificing space.


DIEFFE di Franceschini & C. srl – Reggio Emilia

Architect: LSA Lauro Sacchetti Associati

Project: Single Family Villa – Reggio Emilia

The project proposed by our retailer Dieffe undoubtedly deserves an honorable mention for its ability to enhance the minimalist qualities of Henry glass products.

The single family villa in Reggio Emilia, designed by LSA architecture studio, follows the rules of modern-minimalist style for its pure lines, basic geometries and elegant colors.

The Vitra line sliding door system with Inside track stands out in the kitchen environment for its refinement and innovative design: a series of sliding doors in snow-white lacquered glass conceal the kitchen top, creating a continuous partition that perfectly harmonizes with the furniture.

Being able to mask the kitchen is becoming a trend for high-level target houses.

Our client also installed a double sliding glass door in black lacquered finish in the living area, to strongly separate the environments.


SZ Arredamenti – Udine

Project: Angelo’s Restaurant – Preston (UK)

SZ Arredamenti wins the honorable mention for reinterpreting Henry glass’ historical roots and enhancing the signed decorations, main character of the project.

At Angelo’s restaurant in Preston, England, our dealer SZ Arredamenti, which deals mainly with Contract, proposed a solution involving fixed panels and sliding doors in white lacquered finish and Vetroveneto “Fiaba” mirrored decorations, a special collection signed by Emilio Tadini, renowned Italian painter, writer and essayist, president of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts.

Henry glass’ doors system looks like a work of art that elevates the room and makes the guests dream!


Falegnameria Gilli – Ferrara

Interior designer: Marzia Fregni

Project: Private home

Falegnameria Gilli, in Finale Emilia, has renovated a 40s villa in the Bologna hills, creating a synergy of fascinating and welcoming elements.

Vitra all-glass pocket door is the attractive element of the small entrance: each one of its details, from the frame to the handle, suggests a rigorous style that seeks creative details that are always well proportioned.

The splendid Sonetto decoration on satin extralight glass, signed by the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, is particularly suitable for the bathroom and becomes a source of inspiration for the decorative elevator gate that incorporates the artistic design of glass.


APRITI di Massimiliano Troia – Andria

Project: Private home – Andria

If the size of the wall opening is considerable, a sliding door is the ideal solution.

For a private home in Adria, our dealer Apriti opted for this flexible and functional system.

Vitra’s four glass sliding doors with Inside sliding system, delimitate spaces but connect them.

The satin finish with Naif decoration guarantees privacy and brightness to each room, expressing the personality of the owners at their best.



Project: Private villa

If the size of the wall opening is considerable, a sliding door is the ideal solution.

Open kitchen or separate kitchen?

The project of our Legnano dealer Progetto Design for a private villa could help you solve this doubt!

Our four-leaves Inside sliding system, consisting of two sliding doors and two fixed panels of the Vitra line, creates a continuous glass partition that physically delimits the kitchen area from the living area while maintaining visual continuity.

The winning choice to use monolithic glass in graphite finish perfectly matches with furnishings and finishes: guaranteed privacy without sacrificing space to the open environment.



Project: Private villa – Galliera Veneta (PD)

Natural materials and bright colors characterize a private villa in Galliera Veneta.

FBS Serramenti has understood and encouraged the owner’s style suggesting a Vitra sliding door in extralight clear glass with white Trame decoration, in perfect harmony with the brightness of the environment.

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