• Private home by Euro Kitchen Art in Canada.
  • Private home - Vancouver
  • Abitazione privata - Vancouver
  • Abitazione privata - Vancouver
  • Abitazione privata - Vancouver

Private home – Vancouver

Dealer: EURO KITCHEN ART – Canada

The disappearing sliding door responds to multiple needs, both aesthetic and functional; scenographic for large openings, it can be transformed into a space-saving solution for small environments such as bathrooms.
Glass sliding doors, beautiful and functional at the same time, allow you to bring lightness and brightness to the bathroom, features that in most cases permit to totally change the look and the atmosphere of the room.
In this modern bathroom, the architect chose the ISY frame that shapes the door as if it were a painting. The minimalist design and the absence of profiles give the maximum emphasis to the decorated door which becomes not only a simple piece of furniture but the leading character of the scene. Dune decoration with frosted bronze glass is a geometric pattern that evokes the beauty of nature giving elegance and uniqueness to the environment.