• Abitazione privata - Vancouver
  • Abitazione privata - Vancouver

Private home – Vancouver – BC

Alessandro Mendini is a great master in the panorama of design and architecture, and we had the great fortune to walk a piece of his professional path together.

Died in Milan in 2019, he left HenryGlass a unique legacy of inestimable cultural value: the precious Collection “Labirinto”, decorations that that are always profoundly current and contemporary. As Mendini is an author who contributed to the rise of made in Italy in the world, his creations are impervious to the passage of time and fashions. They go beyond fashions, surpass styles and tastes, managing to enrich and give value to any environment.

Mirrored decorations of Labirinti Collection designed by Mendini stand out on the large dove lacquered sliding doors. The result is a glass wall of strong aesthetic impact where color and light are boldly showed, communicating the great expressive power typical of the works designed by the architect.