• Manhattan scorrevole, vetro grafite
  • Manhattan scorrevole, vetro grafite
  • Manhattan scorrevole, vetro grafite

Privete home – Bari

The magic of reflective glass – Arch. Domenico Altamura

It would be really nice to have a wall in the house that, if necessary, reveals or hides the corridor in the sleeping area or the kitchen, the office, the walk-in closet …

You can do it with HenryGlass: in this house in the province of Bari the architect has inserted a large Manhattan sliding door in reflective grey glass.

The peculiarity of reflective glass is precisely that prevents or allows viewing through the glass leaf as the brightness of the environment varies.

As in this case, if you are in the living room and the light of the corridor of the sleeping area is off, the vision through the glass is prevented because the leaf is completely reflective.

At the same time, when the brightness of the two environments is inverted (for example at night, when the corridor is artificially illuminated and the living area is completely dark), the optical response of the reflecting glass will also be inverted and the corridor will magically be completely visible.