When Nicola Gallizia’s design creativity and knowledge of materials meet, only ideas that have an unmistakeable, unique character emerge, which, in terms of style and design, evoke the imperfect authenticity of natural surfaces.


A collection of decorations bearing a fine print that recall ancient splendour.

As in the theatre’s backdrop, wallpaper and glass become the stage for compositions characterised by a strong, decorative passion.

In perfect balance, on the vertical surface of the wall, geometric shapes, colours and symmetries chase each other in an exclusive, graphic game of unmistakeable beauty.


Rarity and value find an outlet in this decoration with a strong yet light touch. Angular geometries with deep, distinctive lines are flaunted in a skilful combination of colours.

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A classic design, featuring three-dimensional graphics with a clear reference to the world of fine fabrics.
Alternating solid and empty, this decoration is able to create a chromatic, aesthetic continuum that seems without beginning and without end.

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Solid, impressive geometric forms meet the beauty of colour: a decoration with changing surfaces that seem to communicate with the viewer to transform the environment’s personality with elegance. The decoration is available in three colours to create various – but always unmistakeable – styles.

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open up

Minimal shapes to be enjoyed with the eyes, for this decoration that speaks a language made of perspective games and vibrant symmetries, carefully connected to each other to generate harmonious atmospheres.

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The impalpable texture of leather, the magic of Oriental fabrics, the lightness of Japanese paper… Aspects which are written into the cultures of distant people and which are capable of generating blends and contrasts enclosed in a sensory journey – designed by Nicola Gallizia – created to give a new identity to doors and walls.


A lattice of delicately pigmented flashes which furrow the glass surface and which seem to constantly change to the eye with new shapes and shades. The concentric structure evokes the sensual softness of pedigree leather from which the decoration originates, in a changing, refined texture.

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Slightly irregular, parallel traces drawn with a brush wielded by expert hands, they create an intertwining rigour and unpredictability. Shodo, which literally means “the way of writing”, represents a real inner journey that combines the mastery of the brush with the mastery of the self.

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A skilful interweaving of plant fibres expresses its natural charm through tones and textures that evoke distant countries and traditions.
The devotion to the details, such as the tiny imperfections in the thread, only enhances the fineness of the texture and the charm of an item made by hand.

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A decoration that aspires to communicate all the value of manufacturing tradition in the textile sector. A simple graphic design technique but with a strong aesthetic impact, capable of embellishing environments with its soft, refined texture to make any space unique.

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grey plaster

Since Le Corbusier until nowadays, cement is a material rich of meanings, symbol of modernity and today is very much appreciated by interior designers, because of this particular innovated sense towards the urban style. The glass with the cement effect, charming and rich of personality, but at the same time discreet, it’s ideal of project with a great impact of content, to create modern and at the same time, cozy atmosphere.

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