Marbling by HenryGlass

12/11/2020 |

Marble wall panels are linked, in the collective imagination, to the opulent interiors of stately homes, but they are enjoying success even in modern times due to their ability to enrich any environment with elegance, visually increasing the space and making it unique.

The “Marbling” Collection by HenryGlass offers a series of decorations deriving from the partnership with Iris Ceramica, leader in the production of high-end technical ceramics and porcelain stoneware []

In order to meet the numerous requests of increasingly demanding customers and to give architects the opportunity to expand the design on all surfaces, we realized that the doors had to and could become the natural extension of porcelain stoneware coverings. This solution allows to obtain a visual continuity between the various rooms of the house, between doors and walls / floors with an aesthetic and functional coordination of great expressive force.

A cutting-edge digital printing technology allowed us to generate a specific response to the renewed needs of contemporary projects, offering the fascinating marble models of Iris slabs on the glass doors and walls by HenryGlass.