“Impressioni” by Francesca Piovesan

27/10/2016 |

Henry glass and the stratificiation techinques

et’s tell the story of our collaboration with Francesca Piovesan, who found in Henry glass the ideal partner to realize her own artistic project with our laminating techniques in the production of glass.
Strength, durability and quality are the characteristics that the artist needed and that our product guarantees to preserve her precious tables.

But we leave the talking to the artist:

The work “Impressioni” was created by collecting the skin prints of the whole body, picked up with duct tape and developed following a technique used in criminology in the XIX century.

The developments achieved are the result of the reaction of silver nitrate with a salt solution on the prints collected on the tape and exposed to the light.

This is the trail of a body reconstructed piecemeal under glass panes, each photographic impression is unexpected and unique to give form to images, changing and unstable in the light even after development.
In its own way the photographic material appears to be very close to the sensitive and changeable surface that covers our bodies.

The glass in this case is not a simple support but it shows clearly the ephemeral nature of the developments of the prints that sometimes seem to blend in with the surrounding elements in the space until it becomes almost imperceptible. The impossibility to recreate the unity becomes clear; what remains is a possible geography, made of furrows and ridges, a complexity of tracks where only through the details can you grasp the idea of a body.

More information on the website of the artist.