11/03/2020 |

With the new 2020 Catalog, HenryGlass introduces itself to the market with a new “Corporate Identity“, fielding a whole series of tools that position it in a renewed and excellent way in the world of interior design and architecture.

We hope that this new look will spread through the stores through a new way of presenting the opening systems in a real HenryGlass corner aligned with the new corporate image thanks to the shades of the display structures, the merchandising elements and the choice of door models.

The space dedicated to HenryGlass can be customized with adhesive brands in different shades for the walls or for the showcases, with elegant silk-screened aluminum plates describing the door models, with all the materials useful for the retailer to present the products to customers.

We look forward to being able to tell about the adjustments of our resellers’ showrooms and to promote the newness of the projects carried out, also through the Case-History of the work carried out.

Contact us to renew your HenryGlass corner and tell us about your projects.

The images and case history refer to our TBT2 dealer in Ravenna.




NEW Corporate Identity