Henry glass e Cascone Porte e Finestre

23/01/2017 |

The project Item to the Store continues, today we are going to Ragusa to the showroom of Cascone and Doors and Windows.

We asked what are the strengths of the brand, and it were told that “Henry glass product with its design can be adapted to any area“.

In the showroom you can find many Henry glass installed doors and solutions. You can enjoy the decorations and different opening system technologies and the technical patents developed over the years first hand.

What is your favorite product? “The Inside track for the sliding glass doors from the inside for its minimal style” which leverages the elegance of the ALL-GLASS system to separate domestic or working areas through the minimal surface and light created by glass.

All this without the presence of lateral profiles and with the sliding fully recessed in the false ceiling.

The sliding door from inside par excellence.

We invite you to visit their showroom and learn more about their offers on the website.
If Ragusa is too far, we advise you to take a look at our map to contact the nearest area representative, or to wait to see the next store that we will open in!