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06/07/2018 |

“Our work in the field of architecture is figurative and belongs to the world of decorative architecture”.

Alessandro and Francesco Mendini


26 wooden models, 13 drawings, photographs and videos illustrated the design path of Mendini brothers during the exhibition “Atelier Mendini. Architectures” promoted by ABET Laminati and curated by Aldo Colonetti at La Triennale di Milano.

The exhibition was a collection of all the public and private architectures realized by the atelier.

Henry glass’ new headquarters offices and showroom were among those projects.

You can have a look at some photos  in the exhibition catalog published by Electa.

Our collaboration with Mendini brothers is not only limited to the architectural project, but goes much further: an exclusive decorative collection expresses  the design approach that characterizes both Atelier Mendini and Henry glass.