04/12/2023 |

Our company will be closed from the 22nd of December to the 7th of January included.

For HenryGlass, historic brand of architectural glass partitions, 2023 was a year full of satisfactions. Results made possible thanks to the winning image strategy conveyed by the Salone del Mobile, the new company showroom and the flagship store in Milan, and to the company’s internal efficiency.

In recent years, in fact, HenryGlass has made significant investments in new machinery such as machining centres, tempering and lamination kilns that operate according to the Industry 4.0 plan, allowing the application of a more efficient production model.

Today, HenryGlass’ priority is to create a strong brand-image also in the world of furniture through targeted investments, especially abroad, and wants to achieve this goal, step by step, with concreteness and creativity.

On the communicative level, under the direction of Nicola Gallizia, it proposes itself to the interior design world as a representative reality of Italian design, flexible and transversal, which enhances unique projects thanks to its distinctive vision.

We thank the people who gravitate around HenryGlass, collaborators and customers, for the support and trust they place in us every day and we wish everyone a peaceful Christmas holiday.