• A beautiful wine cellar adds value to the wine.
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Wine bar – Friuli

The cellar is not only the place where wine bottles are stored.

For the enthusiast, the winery is a magical, timeless place to show off to enchant guests.

No matter how small, is the seat of the object of their worship, a place where you love to spend time to contemplate their passion.

For anyone who has a space available to store wine, they will dedicate their best attention to the arrangement and care of furniture.

A beautiful wine cellar adds value to the wine.

In this room the architect has exploited a clear glass wall with an all-glass swing door to divide the space without neglecting the aesthetic aspects.

Profiles, accessories and the Isy frame in black finish enhance the chromatic contrast between light and dark.

The transparency of the glass creates a light and invisible diaphragm that allows the wine display to be shown as a painting.