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All Henry glass doors are custom made and are able to fit and solve every architectural requirements, thanks to exclusive technical patents that enable innovative constructions.

The collections of Glass Doors for sale, which may possibly be worked with decorations even personalized , offers a wide range of clear, frosted, coloured and lacquered glasses, accessories and finishes, to provide appropriate solutions to any environment, from the domestic to the public one, for the workplaces or for the contract supplies.

Henry glass turns itself to a very demanding customer, who seeks for the uniqueness and exclusivity combined with the quality and functionality of the purchased product.

Through four different sliding solutions, sliding glass doors  for sale of Henry Glass company offer an architectural concept that allows for the definition of well-delimited spaces, but in communication with each other,separating without dividing, creating spaces, clean and dynamic between each other.

The Absolute open sliding system of Sliding Glass Doors for Sale  is a solution with an essential and sophisticated design that allows for closer proximity of the door to the wall. A single mark, traced by the horizontal aluminum profile, the glass of the door placed in front of the track, the carriages anchored directly to the plate, choices that tell a fusion of technical elements of the slide and a special regulation system.

Each piece of Sliding Glass Doors for Sale takes inspiration from  old venetian art of glass mixed with special technologies. Not only a wood- door could be considered as synonymous of elegance and resistance,  but also this company of Treviso can offer to custom a perfect manifacture of a glass door.

The collections of Sliding glass doors for sale by Henry Glass, offers a wide range of clear, frosted, coloured and lacquered glasses, accessories and finishes, to provide appropriate solutions to any environments.


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The diligence and the consistency with which the company has operated since the business beginning, made possible the meeting with important designers, artists and architects who have left their unmistakable mark in the field of Italy design industry development, culture and art. Glass Doors for Sale is that you are looking for your office, studio, hotel spaces,  and much more.

The active collaboration with these designers and artists contribute today to make Glass Doors for Sale not only simple partitions between rooms, but real art works that enrich every single environment, both public and private.


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