Frameless Glass Doors are a part of a collection with a minimal design, characterized by polished perimeter edge to maximize lightness and cleaning of the glass that becomes an absolute protagonist. The essential aesthetics thus obtained, goes to fully represent the values of the all-glass doors system coined by company Henry glass. Henry Glass is an Italian company founded in 1988, that has always tried to be the precursor of style and trends. Over the years it has been able to interpret the changes in the market turning from small craft into industry specialized in the production of doors, distributed in various parts of the world under its own brand.

Frameless Glass Doors like VItra offer great design and no loss of space. Choose a sliding or swing opening system for your glass doors with no frames! Henry Glass has always tried to be a precursor of taste and trends, and over the years it has been able to interpret the changes in the market, shifting from small craft supplying semi-finished products, to a company specializing in the production of commercial glass doors with the patented “all-glass” system. Frameless Glass Doors is much more than a glass interior doors supplier.


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