24/11/2016 |

You can find us in the editorial on page 17 of “Il giornale del serramento”, where we present the products of the company highlighting the creative soul and design freedom of Henry glass, and which we present in excerpt.

Henry glass has developed from almost thirty years of research and testing a line of products enhanced by original technical and aesthetic details. All doors in the catalogue are custom-made and can be adapted to any design requirement thanks to the exclusive technical patents that enable innovative creations.

The collections can be embellished with decorations that can also be customized, thanks to the wide range of glass (transparent, frosted, coloured or lacquered), accessories and finishes to suit solutions for every household and public context.

With the latest collection “Impressioni”, the glass becomes a broad creative expression in unique and original doors.
A perfect combination of art and design, aesthetics and quality, between form and function, which allows the ancient and exclusive craftsmanship made in Italy to converse with the latest industrial technologies.

Henry Glass caters to a very demanding target customer, seeking uniqueness and exclusivity combined with the quality and functionality of the product. The various patents, the technical solutions and constant checking of the performance at the level of material and safety are a symbol of the constant technical and aesthetic innovation of the finished product.

Active collaboration with internationally renowned designers and artists help make the Henry glass doors not only simple barriers between areas, but real Works of Art that enrich and make each area, public or private space, unique.

“Il giornale del serramento”, November 2016, p. 17.