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a genius, who has always believed in the possible

“It’s so beautiful that it seems you could eat it,” exclaimed Bruno Munari, biting into a wand of murrina as if he were tasting a piece of nougat. And immediately afterward he suggested we apply them on the doors. An idea that afterward everyone tried to imitate. And he added, “but you must make them so that they become great, because they must be seen from far away”, this kept us busy for more than a year in experimentation.

Munari was like this: a child’s heart, full of a logic all its own, dedicated to study the rules to break them or mix them to create new balances.
I remember, for us, a genius who always believed in the possible.


His murrinas, kaleidoscopic combinations of colour and symbols, are unique elements generated by the mastery of the ancient traditional methods of Murano.

Blown glass jewels that, when placed on the door, become a meeting of randomness and design, of tradition and modernity, history and design: unique and refined details that can animate spaces with a strong identity.

We are giving a Golden Compass award to the inventor of murrinas, these jewels of blown glass. Surely, he must have been a very creative person, when the word “creativity” did not yet exist.


One of the leading proponents of design and graphics in the 20th century, Bruno Munari, a versatile and award-winning figure (four Golden Compass awards). Graphic designer, art director, designer, creative eclectic, he invented and continually experimented in laboratories for children, with the designer’s playful method; a forerunner of multimedia. From his famous sculptures to original furniture pieces, from technical trials to artistic books, his works have always been animated by a strong impulse toward research and experimentation.