a man, or perhaps a child, of great simplicity and spontaneous enthusiasm


The Milan atelier that Alessandro Mendini shares with his brother Francesco is a blend of simplicity and imagination in an old abandoned factory “inhabited” by creatives of all nationalities.

We met him there, the first time. And in those bright spaces, colours – so important to him – seemed inspirational to us. Mendini is a man, or perhaps a child, of great simplicity and spontaneous enthusiasm. Thus, he is a spiritual person.

Playful and enigmatic he seemed to listen with his eyes rather than ears, almost in search of our true values. For this reason, his projects gratify actual needs: Mendini believes that everyone has a soul, even objects; and intensely searches for it.

Straight lines, outstretched toward the top, without a start or an end. Continuing lines but broken in one or more edges and lateral tensions that indicate an immediate dynamism where the geometry is mixed with fantasy.

My poetic art is based on producing any kind of images , architectural or design or painting or sculptural, that interact with people in a poetic manner, that is, that make friends. If an object of mine finds
its friend, it has played its role.


Milanese architect, designer, artist, theoretician, and journalist, he is one of the most important figures in neomodern Italian design. He was the director, or founder, of the magazines Casabella, Modo and Domus through which he spread instances of his design renovation.
A fine researcher from a different approach to the object, made of mysticism, poetry, ritual, play, pursued with a skilful interweaving of art and design. Winner of a Golden Compass.