a refined, playful and modern vision


Afra and Tobia Scarpa were the first to animate the Henry glass doors with their experience in the world of glass, and their passion for art and life, a passion that was cultivated in the heart of the Venetian countryside, a place accessible only by a weaving and rough dirt road. To protect it, a solid shell was made that contrasts with the surrounding nature: a villa-lab with modern rationalist architecture – seemingly impenetrable, just like its inhabitants.

But once inside, it seems to open up another world. One of the two architects is in a great study with rough walls and windows overlooking the tall grass, because it must be said, their own ideas become natural with a huge pencil drawing on a table, rather than on paper.

Unique pieces of blown glass, bound together to create profiles of leaves and flowers, skies and stars, simple but rich of primordial wonder. Fragments of light where the glass becomes the landscape and the lead-bound their boundary.

My poetic art is based on producing any kind of images, architectural or design or painting or sculptural, that interact with people in a poetic manner, that is, that finds friends. If an object of mine finds
its friend, it has done its job.


An example of the professional and personal relationship, that produced original design forms, full of energetic and brilliant craftsmanship. Afra e Tobia Scarpa, Venetian compatriots and artists, have produced significant works in the field of architecture, restoration and design, receiving numerous awards, including the Golden Compass. These masterpieces seem minimalist, but are rich in tradition and knowledge, which transforms the functional details into distinctive elements.