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A Home Spa

Our private rooms – bedroom and bathroom – can become real wellness areas by designing spaces through the glass, tailoring effects of transparency, colours and details.

Choose minimalist sanitary fixtures and soft and soothing colours. Prefer warm-coloured tiles or wall tiles with natural stones. A very interesting idea is to subdivide our relaxation area through a glass wall, giving elegance to the room and, at the same time, creating a functional room.

Glass partitions offer the possibility of decorating smaller spaces: thus custom, comfortable and elegant rooms are made.
Henry glass offers glazed partition systems tailored to your needs (with sliding openings or swing doors).

The system of glass walls can obtain, even in small spaces, a real extra room, for example, limiting the bath/relaxation area with a separating but not dividing glass wall lets the light through and creates a very elegant effect that plays on visibility.

  • Versatility of glass
  • Customised glass walls
  • Creating a room within a room
  • Privacy and comfort
  • In/visibility effect