• HenryGlass offers a wide range of sliding door models to meet the most varied architectural needs. Products installed in environments in the province of Bari by the dealer Falegnamo.
  • Environment 1 - Falegnamo
  • Environment 1 - Falegnamo

Private home – Bari (BA)

Environments made with HenryGlass doors by Falegnamo (Bari)

Environment 1 – “The choice is simplicity

If a very large room must be divided into several independent spaces but there is only one window, using a transparent wall ensures that natural light will also reach all spaces making them brighter and more pleasant. This concept is perfectly expressed in this house where there was a need to create a sort of glass corridor to separate the sleeping area from the living area.
The kitchen has also been separated by a glass corner which can be open if necessary. The choice was to aim for simplicity by using only extralight clear glass. The high level of transparency reduces the visual separation between the different functional areas of the house, bringing in them a lot of brightness too. Although the large space has been divided into three rooms, the effect of the open space remains unchanged thanks to the clear glass. Furthermore, the corridor receives light and is not closed and oppressive.

Environment 2 – “The answer to all architectural needs

HenryGlass offers a wide range of sliding door models to meet the most varied architectural needs. Glass allows great creativity by offering extremely functional solutions for dividing rooms.
In this apartment, the dealer chose to close the kitchen with a pocket door without jamb for an essential and clean effect. The glass is ideal for blocking the spread of odors without completely closing the view. The satin bronze finish, despite its simplicity, elegantly recalls the colors of the environment.

Environment 3 – “The glass door: a piece of furniture

Nowadays, the glass door is also widely used in the sleeping area: you can create a walk-in closet by installing some sliding glass doors, which have the advantage of taking up less space than plasterboard walls.
Master bathroom are increasingly divided by glass doors as in the case of this apartment. The pocket door without frame in clear graphite glass elegantly furnishes the room without taking away perspective and brightness. The natural light passes through the spaces enhancing the environment without weighing it down.
In fact, a glass door, in addition to performing its closing function, is first a piece of furniture.

Environment 4 – “A valuable element within the walls of the house

The mirrored doors, elegant and minimal but at the same time very functional, are the ideal solution to visually expand the spaces and create depth within the rooms, adding a valuable element to the rest of the furniture.
HenryGlass mirror doors, always made to measure, are available in different models and colors. Ideal for small spaces, sliding doors allow to broaden the visual perception of the space thanks to the full-length mirror, very useful for entrances, corridors, bathrooms, and walk-in closets.
In the living area, mirror doors can create an extremely interesting play of light and perspective.
To enrich and highlight a minimal and essential style, the best choice is the all-glass Vitra door, which adapts perfectly to modern and hi-tech context thanks to the absence of jambs, perimeter profiles and visible technical element.
This type of door will help not only to divide the space into different environments, but also to completely change the interior design.