HenryGlass 2019

12/12/2019 |

There are three main innovations introduced this year, in the HenryGlass world.



The new Catalogue of HenryGlass  presented in the show-room ViaLarga3  in Milan, wants to be an instrument of innovation and contemporaneity. It was designed by the Art Director of HenryGlass Arch.Nicola Gallizia with the important goal of broadening company horizons and meeting the technical and aesthetic requirements of architectural and interior designers, while maintaining firm and valid relationships with the other showrooms of Porte & Finestre. 

Through this catalog, HenryGlass communicates with a new image: modern, in line with design and furnishing trends, flexible, suitable for any type of environment and situation. At the same time, a series of extremely important strategic innovations are proposed which demonstrate the dynamism and strong propensity for R&D of the company, which has always been in search of diversified outlets, new ideas and solutions to offer to its customers in order to satisfy even the most particular needs. 

Teamwork means everything at a time of sudden changes like the one we are living in, and for this reason HenryGlass has decided to rely on an architectural firm recognized as that of Nicola Gallizia. Thanks to the professional preparation and the passion for the design of the arch. Gallizia, as well as the doors, we can also offer complete furnishing systems, in full harmony with the idea of interior of an environment. 




A decorative colouring for highly customizable graphic or photographic representations with a strong aesthetic impact. Available on stratified glass with a clear or frosted effect, it is performed using an exclusive technique that uses special coloured pigments.
The glass, an ancient, noble and authentic material, is combined with the exclusivity of graphic design to project itself literally into the future.

The glass panels, perfectly uniform and with colours that remain unaltered over time, become the expression of a wide-ranging creativity: materials such as marble, stucco, fabrics, wallpapers and elegant textures are interpreted by HenryGlass and give life to a collection of unique doors.
A modern, versatile and stimulating technique that makes glass distinctive, communicative, ALIVE offering new possibilities of use for the interior and architecture. 


Representative example of the strategic path that the company is making is the show-room  ViaLarga3 situated in the heart of Milan and completely renovated this year by Arch. Gallizia, in which precious combinations of materials and colours coexist, giving life to an idea of balanced and personal furnishing. In this space the door, the boiserie and the partition systems finally acquire prestige and value like the furnishings, as they are designed in full harmony with the rest of the set-up to create an integrated and coherent project. The vision is that of completely tailored and customizable products, suitable for any type of environment, from the simplest and most refined to the most demanding and elegant. The focal point of the design of the vertical walls of the showroom is that of being able to combine the doors with wall panels, which allows a unique continuity able to embellish any type of environment.

Small details, but that make the difference. This is the one on which HenryGlass places the attention by designing with the aim of making partition systems unique and original, thus maintaining the client’s personality high and uniquely enhancing the environment.

The door is a passage that connects places and people, a spatial but above all conceptual opening. It is from this idea that HenryGlass designs its doors focusing on flexibility and customization, made-to-measure products that satisfy diversified  tastes, features and needs. High-end solutions are offered to architects and designers to meet the demands of both the private and contract sectors. Doors, partition walls, windows and boiserie completely customized both in decoration and in size: for HenryGlass the standard is the out of standard, because each door is different from the other, made on demand  for those who use it. 

The times are:
10:00/14:00 e 15:00/19:00, from Tuesday to Saturday.