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Divide and organise the space

Considering the advantages of a walk-in wardrobe, space can remain a problem. How big must a walk-in wardrobe be to be truly convenient? For a single wardrobe, have at least 2 metres for hangers, drawers and shelves with a depth of 120 cm (50cm for clothes, 70cm for moving easily inside the room). This is therefore a very small space, easily obtainable in most rooms. Though, for two people some more space is necessary.


Why the walk-in wardrobe?

–  You can use your interior space to the maximum. The corners are more accessible and shelves can be mounted at any height, even up to the ceiling, to easily hold all the boxes for changes in seasons. You can opt for open compartments, which are easier to install and more practical to use.

– You will have more privacy to dress/undress.

– Usually the wardrobe is placed in the bedroom, but this is not a rule. You may want to put it in less conventional places, allowing you to take advantage of empty spaces or those that are difficult to furnish, such as a large hall, a basement, an attic, etc. that may become great places for a walk-in wardrobe.

– You can store everything in sight, in the right place and at hand, which helps maintain order. Everything is in its place and easy to find. Arranging your clothes, shoes and linens will be easier and you’ll waste less time.

– The walk-in wardrobe can give your room a different shape: if your room is very rectangular, it can be “cut” by adding a room (perhaps with glass doors) to achieve a more harmonious space. In this case, the wardrobe helps to re-establish spaces.

How to organize a walk-in wardrobe?

– If you have the good fortune of having enough space, a good idea is to divide your wardrobe into two zones: one for her and one for him. You can also think about adding a small chair, useful for dressing comfortably.

– You must have light, if for example the walk-in wardrobe is in a loft with a skylight, take advantage of natural light during the day. For the night and for all the solutions where you cannot take advantage of natural light, use spotlights or fine lamps.

– Be generous with drawers and shelves. This is an especially vital rule for those who do not have large spaces!

– The mirror has to be there, it is a must for any self-respecting wardrobe, big or small, no matter the size… You must have a beautiful mirrored glass: in fact, not only you can check your look, it is also useful to expand the size of the room itself. A nice idea is to use the access door to the room as a mirror or glass partitions.