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Linear simplicity of the door

High performance materials and modern design characterise a door product that satisfies modern requirements of interior renewal with imagination and elegance in home, office and contract environments.

Designed for opening up 180°, the elegant full-lenght hinge – exclusive Henry glass design – of the glass swing door allows for the elimination of support frames and traditional hinges and enhancing the linear simplicity of the door: clean and essential shapes emphasised by Isy and Plain minimal frames.

The wide range of finishes allows you to completely customise the product, from the types of glass colours to the decorations and accessories, this is a line of glass swing doors completely tailor-made, not just from a dimensional point of view: with frame or flush to wall, single or double, combined with any fixed windows provide dividers or glass walls.

Research, technical innovation, ease of installation are the special features of Henry glass swing doors, which allow installation also on standard frames and systems.


Product Features

Customisable dimensions. The Isy frame, which blends with the Henry glass profiles for fixed glass panels, allows swing doors to be joined to fixed glass, creating very interesting partitions.

Possibility to fully customise the door with all types of glass, all types of decorations (also customised) and accessories: magnetic lock with handle, key or privacy, various models of knobs, various models of handles.

Easy to clean glass, ease of installation and adjustment of the doors.

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Questions about the product?

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Technical sheet

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Technical sheet

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The frequent asked questions about this product

How do I clean my Henry glass door for the first time?

Just after the installation, the glass surface may appear very dirty because of the manufacturing deposits. For the first cleaning operation, we recommend to mop the surface with a soft rag, and then to wipe it with a wet sponge and a solution of hot water and ammonia. For the best result, we suggest to begin with movements from the center of the surface in a horizontal and then vertical motion, working outward.

After this first step, it is possible to continue with a specific detergent or a homemade solution of water and vinegar or alcohol using a soft cloth, preferably a microfiber one.

How to do the daily cleaning of a glass door?

The clear or ceramized glass, for its characteristics, does not absorb dirt and therefore a solution of water and ammonia is usually sufficient for the cleaning. Common non-abrasive household cleaners may be used, taking care to clean the glass with a soft cloth or sponge over the surface to avoid generating heterogeneity. Do not use anti-limestone cleaners or abrasive products and substances.

Are Henry glass doors safe objects to have in the house?

Since 1998, Henry Glass has designed and manufactured its products fulfilling the quality management system according to UNI-EN ISO 9001:2008 standards, which provide constant monitoring of production processes in all their phases. All glass products Henry glass are safe, that is thermally tempered according to the UNI EN 12150-2 standard. Tempered glass has much higher impact resistance (7 times) than regular glass with the same thickness, and also, for safety reasons, is compliant with the UNI EN 12600 standard, since, if broken, it shatters into tiny harmless pieces. To guarantee the maximum safety, it is possible to request a tempered glass, also stratified-tempered.

Where can I install a Henry glass door?

Le porte in vetro Henry glass sono porte destinate esclusivamente all’arredamento d’interni; i brevetti Henry glass permettono l’installazione su stipiti e sistemi comunemente utilizzati e in commercio. La funzionalità dei sistemi, unita alla pulizia del vetro e ai decori essenziali, si rivela ideale non solo in contesti abitativi architettonici ma anche in ambienti pubblici, commerciali e di lavoro.

Double opening-door

The glass Double opening-door by Henry glass allows both sides to open with an automatic closing system. It is characterized by the oildynamic hinge with adjustement of the closing speed of the door: stop at 0° +90° -90°.

Dimensions on demand: the doors can be customized with a maximum width of 1000 mm and a maximum height of 2800 mm. Glass thickness 10 mm (tempered monolithic or tempered stratified).

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Scheda Tecnica

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Scheda Tecnica

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