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Separate with lightness!

The glass surfaces convey brightness to the rooms and are essential elements for designing dividing and furnishing solutions.

A glass partition wall can be the most functional and visually pleasing solution to separate the rooms, especially if the available space is limited.

There are many models of HenryGlass doors available, both from the functional point of view and the type of glass; however, it is precisely the transparent glass to be chosen as it is clean and essential, and able to give the space a sense of openness and lightness.

In this particular case, the double Vitra sliding door with polished edge separates the kitchen from the living room and, thanks to its essentiality, results in a discreet presence that does not detract value to the numerous pieces of furniture and art included in the location.

The only distinguishing feature is the pull handle, an exclusive HenryGlass project.

Thanks to its special lines and chromatic touch it is able to enhance the glass, obtaining the maximum result in terms of design.