A unique style where design meets
the newest cutting edge industrial techniques

HenryGlass was born in 1988 and now stands out as innovative production, attention to detail and a search for basic essentials, for elegant and clean lines.

HenryGlass doors stand out immediately as valuable solutions that integrate perfectly wherever they are placed, becoming the primary architectural feature.

The strong inclination for an aesthetic taste, a keen interest in technology and great attention to the quality of increasingly qualified and specialised labourers, are the cornerstones on which all the production of HenryGlass is developed.

The production, from glass plate to the finished door, takes place entirely inside the plant in Mansuè, an aspect that is anything but secondary and guarantees the excellent quality of the final result; each door is in fact custom-made and is followed step by step throughout its manufacturing process.

There is a special focus on technology, with an engineering department that works tirelessly to study innovative and cutting-edge systems: HenryGlass has to its credit several functional and decoration patents. Great credit to R&D working to impress the customers of HenryGlass with unique designs that transmit the cherished values of the property, as well as strong ties with Italian culture and art.

Innovation and tradition meet in HenryGlass in an amazing location surrounded by unspoilt countryside: the view over the plain of Prà de Gai which can be admired from the windows of the plant and the daylight filtering down naturally from the sloping glass of the big shed, creating a serene and comfortable working environment, ideal for creating a product of excellence.

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